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Ralph Hydes Personal Fitness Training

Why Choose Ralph Hydes Personal Fitness Training?

Ralph is a strong believer that one size does not fit all and this is why he approaches each new training plan as a new project.

Ralph's personal training programmes are designed to push you and help you to achieve your potential and goals. Central to this is ensuring that you enjoy your personal fitness training sessions and all personal training programmes include a variety of exercises and challenges to keep you motivated throughout.

Athlete Training

For elite and competing athletes Ralph can deliver a personal training programme that will help you train harder, faster and more economically. Using a variety of exercises and techniques you will get more from your training sessions, therefore helping you to improve your personal bests on a regular basis. Having competed in 9 World Championships, Ralph knows all too well the pressure of competing and uses his personal experience to help those he coaches.

Ralph isn't only about training competitive individuals. He also trains people interested in developing their fitness, pushing each individual just enough to reach their goals applying various techniques. This may range from stretching and core conditioning workouts, to sitting down and discussing their nutrition needs. This applies to my Tuesday morning group, Thursday morning group, and Monday evening group.

General fitness and sports specific training can be provided - ask for details.


Ralph works closely with Sir Rocco Forte training for marathons, Ironman and triathlon events and has helped him to achieve 11th in the Olympic distance World Championship Triathlon event and 2nd in the Austrian Ironman competition for his age group.

Ralph Hydes has also coached numerous novices to represent Great Britain at World Championship level in triathlon and duathlon events including:

  • Sian Buckingham
  • Alan and Emma Hancock
  • Sara Davies
  • Phil Wege
  • Joanne Soutter
  • Mark Coombs
  • Fraser MacKenzie

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