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Ralph Hydes Personal Fitness Training

Training for Triathlons and Duathlons

Ralph's clients, including Sir Rocco Forte and GB triathlete/duathlete Sian Buckingham amongst others, have all made significant improvement and attained top ranking in their age groups.

Depending upon your requirements training can include plyometrics, technique drills and speed work will enhance your running, positioning and efficiency can improve your swim times and cycling sessions will work on power outage, cadence and positioning, as well as the core attributes of cornering, descending and ascending.

Duathlon and triathlon training can be delivered in a number of ways:

  • One to One sessions

    Individual triathlon coaching is the most effective way to improve your performance in a short space of time. It offers individual coaching with more specific training, progress can be easily monitored and training adjusted accordingly. Regular testing is also encouraged and video analysis can be conducted to help improve technique.

    Prices available upon request.

  • Triathlon Training Programmes

    Ideal for those with busy schedules or too far away to undertake one to one sessions. An initial consultation (in person or by phone) will establish your current level, training goals, and time availability. From here Ralph will develop a programme tailored to push you and achieve your race goals. Triathlon training programmes are delivered monthly by email and on week 3 of each month you are asked to report back on your progress, this way training is monitored and adapted if necessary to ensure continual improvement.

    Prices available upon request.

  • Group Fitness Training

    Kingston - Tuesdays evenings

    Specially designed for Triathlon and Duathlon enthusiasts this group will really put you through your paces. With a mix of participants from beginners to top GB age group competitors this group offers an excellent and fun opportunity to train with other athletes. Session locations vary weekly depending on the focus of the session. Please contact me for details.

Most clients like to combine a selection of all the above training options for variety, affordability and maximum results. Prices for this vary, to find out more about developing a personal best training plan, combining all of the above training sessions, please contact me.

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