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Ralph Hydes Personal Fitness Training

Running Training

From complete beginners wanting to learn how to run to experienced runners wanting to improve your running speed, Ralph has the experience and knowledge to improve your technique, achieve personal bests and will have you running faster and more economically than ever before.

Warm up practices including technique drills and dynamic stretching will ensure that you are completely prepared and get the most out of your running training programme sessions.

Heart rate, cadence and pacing will push you to your potential improving your running speed, and weight exercises and plyometrics will add speed and strength to your running.

Testing is an integral part of training for running and establishes the correct heart rate at which you should train, regular testing is required to ensure continual improvement.

Video analysis will highlight inconsistencies and allow Ralph to develop technique drills to improve running posture, reduce the risk of injury and the amount of energy used whilst running.

Training for a marathon

When training for a marathon preparation is key. Both half marathon training and full marathon running training require significant preparation especially if you are training for a marathon for the first time.

Ralph offers special marathon training programmes to help you make it to the finish line or within your target time.

Ralph can also provide training plans for 5K and 10K races, and half marathons to help you maximise your potential.

Other sports specific training including cycling can be provided please use the contact form to find out more.

Other events

I have proven success in training individuals for: cycling sportifs including the L'etape du Tour and Ride across Britain, and adventure races.

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