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  • my new dvd created specifically for Triathletes and Runners
    Whether you're a coach, a personal trainer, a professional athlete or a person who just enjoys a bit of exercise you need to know the best and most effective stretching.

    I have worked with thousands of athletes over my career and i've seen first hand the injuries and poor performances that result from inadequate warm up routines and lack of knowledge.

    This DVD Highlights the major stretches to not only help potentially improve your performance, but also to help minimise injury. Alternatively if you have an injury this will show you the most effective stretches to stretch the area and get you back to your sport.

    This isn't a sit down and stretch DVD but a user interactive DVD. You select what stretches you want to see and go straight to them. It covers the most effective warm up routine to help you perform to your maximum potential when you train and race. Forget about trying to do a stretch incorrectly, or not knowing what stretch to do if you have a particular injury or tightness.

    Price: £14.99 + £1.50 shipping

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Coming soon, for you to buy online:

  • Downloadable training programmes (PDFs)
    The training packages downloads are the most beneficial training sessions put together in a day-by-day format giving you the best advice to improve your performances.

    You can select from 4 - 6 training sessions per week to fit in with your lifestyle. If you have more complicated training needs or want to train more frequently than 6 times per week then you would be better contacting me and asking for my more personalised training plans.

  • my branded clothing
    ... including reflective bibs, t-shirts etc.

If you feel you might be interested in any of these then please leave your details below and I will get back to you as soon as they become available.

Once again, as I stress on the general enquiries, please be assured that I will never pass your details on to third parties.

my new DVD, Flexibility for Triathletes and Runners, available now
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